“My wife injured herself and found relief from adding CBD to her wellness routine.
She inspired me to create a great tasting CBD infused gourmet jelly bean.
My life’s goal is to bring a little joy to people, and along the way, something good.”

David Klein




“I first tried Welly Jelly CBD jelly beans in October of 2019. I was impressed.

I am a holistic healthcare practitioner. I was in an accident in which I almost lost my arm. I have undergone years of holistic, physical and western therapies to get my body and health back on track.

I take Welly Jelly daily and it works for me – for hours.
The quality of the CBD is excellent, on par with any CBD I have received from medical marijuana dispensaries.

The only complaint I have about Welly Jelly is that the jelly beans taste too good! I have to keep them out of reach because I want to eat a lot of yummy jelly beans.

I highly recommend Welly Jelly for mind and body wellness, stress relief and better sleep.”



“OMG! These little morsels are delish. I bought the regular assortment – each flavor is great! I take one every night
before bedtime. Packaging is adorable. Thanks for such a great product.”



“It works like a charm…a very yummy charm! I am definitely feeling welly. It’s so convenient. I keep a pack in my purse so it’s there when I need it.”



I really enjoy Welly Jelly™ beans, they are so tasty. I’m amazed! These little beans are such a great addition to my daily health and wellness routine.



A friend recommended Welly Jelly™ beans to me. I was pleasantly surprised. There is no aftertaste. In fact, they are delicious. I have a different flavor, each day. Welly Jelly™ is now simply part of my daily routine, just like my yoga class. I look forward to it.



“Welly Jelly™ has enhanced my overall wellness and helped me relax when I go to sleep at night. My favorite is the sour assortment.”



Welly Jelly™ beans have improved my day-to-day mood and my overall health and wellness. Thank you for introducing me to this great product!”



“I keep Welly Jelly™ in my backpack. It’s convenient for me, especially when I’m on the go. It helps me relax between college classes, and especially during exams.”



“I keep Welly Jelly™ in my purse and on my night stand. I take one bean in the morning on the way to work and then one again at night to help me relax. It’s now part of my health routine. I love this product!”



“Welly Jelly™ helps me keep my mood even and calm. I feel best on days when I take two beans per day. I also like that it’s all natural too.”



“I wanted something natural to help me maintain my overall well being. I have two little ones and a busy work schedule. Welly Jelly™ helps me stay even-keeled. And, they taste great! So happy!”


washington DC

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Welly Jelly™ is made with Hemp Extract containing naturally-occurring CBD.

Statements regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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