CBD Basics


What is CBD?

CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is a naturally-occurring compound found in the hemp plant.

Research over the last 50 years tells us that CBD and other Phytocannabinoids (there are over 113) are also produced within the body. These internal Cannabinoids are called, Endocannabinoids. The prefix “Endo” meaning from “within”.


What Does CBD Do?

What’s amazing about CBD is that it helps the body maintain a balance and overall well-being. This is also called, homeostasis.

CBD is not psychoactive. In other words, it does not produce a high. So, there’s no need to worry about mind-altering effects. CBD actually supports a sense of calm throughout the body.


How Does CBD Work in the Body?

Endocannabinoids, including CBD, work by communicating through a series of cannabinoid receptors in the body known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

The endocannabinoid system is involved in many physiological processes including the immune system, anti-inflammatory response, pain-sensation, mood, sleep, appetite, memory and more.

Endocannabinoids, CBD in particular, fine-tune and enhance the communication between the neurons in this network. This interaction is how the body maintains a cellular balance or equilibrium and adjusts to create homeostasis.

You could say that CBD is the body’s natural little helper.



Why Do People Use CBD?

People use CBD for many reasons. Some take CBD to support specific issues they may have, while others simply want to enhance their overall health and wellness — integrating CBD into their daily exercise and wellness routine.

Because of CBD’s helper effect in the endocannabinoid system, CBD has the potential to influence both physical health and emotional well-being. Promoting balance and a sense of calm for many people in an increasingly busy and ever stressful world.



Where Does Welly Jelly™ CBD Come From?

Welly Jelly™ beans are made in the USA, with Hemp Extract containing naturally-occurring CBD.

Our CBD comes from premium quality, pesticide-free American grown hemp (otherwise known as Cannabis sativa L.) which is extracted using a patented CO2 extraction process.

Our Hemp Extract contains no more than 0.3% total THC by dry weight. This negligible percentage is the FDA standard by which all hemp is measured. 0.3% is a trace amount of THC and does not have a measurable affect on the body.

At Welly Jelly™, we also lab test our products to ensure purity, concentration and potency, of our naturally-occurring CBD. So, you can rest assured that each Welly Jelly™ bean is guaranteed to contain at a minimum, 10 mg of CBD.