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Welly Jelly Logo

Welly Jelly™ retailers and brand ambassadors can use the Welly Jelly™ logo on their websites and social media accounts to promote our products.

Download our Welly Jelly™ logo variations below.



Style Guide

The Welly Jelly™ color palette is displayed to the right.

Whenever possible, please use our colors when promoting Welly Jelly™ brand products.

Our primary brand typeface is Sugo Pro Display .

Color Palette

Primary Color:


Secondary Colors:





Welly Jelly™ Product Images

Need Product  Images?

We’ve collected our Welly Jelly™ product images for our retailers and brand ambassadors. Download Welly Jelly™ product images shown here by clicking the button below.

Welly Jelly™ POS Retail Displays

POS Retail Displays

Download Welly Jelly™ POS retail display images by clicking the image or button below.

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Marketing Notes

Welly Jelly™ Is All About Wellness and Flavor!

Welly Jelly’s incomparable 38 gourmet flavors and delicious taste set us apart from all other candy edibles. You could say that Welly Jelly™ is CBD-licious!


A Delicious Gourmet Jelly Bean That’s Good For You!

Welly Jelly™ beans are infused with Hemp Extract and are an incredibly tasty way to get your daily dosage of naturally-occurring CBD in a sweet edible.

Why take a pill or a gel when you could have a jelly bean?

Beyond being delish, our award-winning gourmet jelly beans are also non-GMO, gluten-free and vegetarian friendly. We use American grown Hemp, batch lab testing, and only the best ingredients available to keep true to our motto:

Welly Jelly™ — The Feel Good Jelly Bean.

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