The Welly Jelly™ Story

It All Started With a Cowboy Hat and Gourmet Jelly Beans.


In 1976, candy maker David Klein contracted with the Herman Goelitz Candy Company, to help him manufacture the ultimate gourmet jelly bean. Klein called his new creation, Jelly Belly®. A playful name derived from Lead Belly, the beloved 1920s blues singer. He described his gourmet beans as “the Rolls Royce of jelly beans” — candy rockstars filled with irresistible flavor and made with natural ingredients whenever possible.

Klein created eight flagship Jelly Belly® flavors: Very Cherry, Lemon, Cream Soda, Tangerine, Green Apple, Root Beer, Grape, and Licorice. These eight flavors are still some of the most popular jelly bean flavors sold by Jelly Belly® to this day.


While his gourmet beans were undeniably delicious, with novel flavors, selling the new brand of beans was another matter. Klein knew that Jelly Belly® needed to standout. So he donned an all white, candy studded outfit, topped off with a  mask and ten gallon hat. Klein wore the outfit to promote Jelly Belly®. Armed with his rockstar outfit and quirky candy man charm, Klein was able to ignite interest in the gourmet beans.

Almost overnight, papers across the country picked up the story. Soon Jelly Belly® was flying off the shelves. Even president Ronald Reagan fell in love with the jelly beans – keeping a jar on his desk, and ordering up to 60 cases a month.

Jelly Belly® is a trademark of the Jelly Belly Candy Company and not associated with David Klein.

Infused with
CBD Goodness.

The altruistic Klein soon parted ways with the candy company. Turning his sights on engineering new candy creations that would be innovative and fun, but most importantly, Klein wanted his new candy innovations to help people.

After the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp farming and production, Klein found the perfect marriage by merging the “feel good” benefits of naturally-occurring CBD with his delicious gourmet jelly beans recipe.

To make his concept reality, the candy maker’s next challenge was to find a stable process to infuse each gourmet jelly bean with 10 mg of naturally-occurring CBD, and also successfully mask the unpleasant Hemp Extract. After countless test batches and taste tests, he found sweet success using the gourmet jelly bean’s delicious flavors and a sweet sanded sugar coating. In 2019, Klein created the first CBD infused mini gourmet jelly bean on the global market.

CBD Edible - Welly Jelly CBD Infused Jelly Beans - Award Winning CBD Jelly Bean, 10 MG CBD.

Staying Well, With Welly Jelly™.

Enter a group of wellness enthusiasts who were looking for a measured delivery system for naturally-occurring CBD that also tastes incredibly good. Because it is our belief that a daily wellness routine should be easy-to-use, taste great and be as natural as possible. And with Welly Jelly™ CBD infused jelly beans, it is. Your CBD tastes delicious and is all natural…from the leaf to the shelf.

 With our commitment to natural wellness and our partnership with David Klein, Welly Jelly™ has made Cannabidiol delivery and dosing easy. We have packaged the sweet, feel good magic of naturally-occurring CBD for you, in convenient Welly Jelly™ packs and tins. So that you can stay well daily… at home or on-the-go.