Our Magic Wellness Beans Are All Grown Up.

In the next few weeks, keep your eyes peeled for the new bean on the block. Welly Jelly™ will be sporting an an entirely new look. Bright colors and clear labeling make it easy for Welly Jelly™ customers to grab a Regular, Sour, or Sugar Free packaged assortment and go.

Now, with our new packaging, you can spot your favorite beans and grab them off the shelf in a blink of the eye. With a color code for each assortment, you can’t miss your favorite Welly Jelly™ assortment.

— Regular Assortment is purple
— Sour Assortment is green
— Sugar Free Assortment is blue

With a convenient tear notch top and resealable ziplock closure our Welly Jelly™ packs are easy to open and reseal when needed, for everyday use freshness.

The back panel of our package has nutritional information, including mg per bean/pack and calories. (In case you didn’t know, each Welly Jelly™ bean is only 4 calories, and our sugar free assortment is only 3 calories per bean.)

There’s also a convenient Q code for quick access to our COA (Certificate of Analysis). Just swipe it with your smart phone and the code will take you to our COA web page. How easy is that?

Everyday wellness is one step closer with our new Welly Jelly™ wellness packs!

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